Calathea White Fusion
Calathea White Fusion
Calathea White Fusion
Calathea White Fusion

Calathea White Fusion

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Calathea White Fusion is a unique and visually striking variety of Calathea that has gained popularity among plant enthusiasts. It is a hybrid plant, believed to be a cross between Calathea roseopicta and Calathea leitzei. The White Fusion is known for its beautiful, variegated leaves that display a blend of green, cream, and white colors, creating a captivating and almost painterly effect.

The leaves of Calathea White Fusion are broad and oval-shaped, with wavy edges that add to its aesthetic appeal. The variegation patterns can vary from plant to plant, with some exhibiting more white or cream coloration while others have a higher concentration of green. The combination of these colors creates a marbled or mosaic-like effect on the foliage, making each leaf unique.

One of the most striking features of Calathea White Fusion is the pinkish-purple undersides of its leaves. When the plant closes its leaves at night, the vibrant purple undersides become more visible, adding an extra touch of beauty to the overall appearance.

Caring for Calathea White Fusion requires providing it with the right conditions to thrive. It prefers bright indirect light, as direct sunlight can scorch the leaves and fade their colors. It is important to find a balance between sufficient light and avoiding direct exposure.

Maintaining a warm and humid environment is crucial for this tropical plant. It thrives in temperatures ranging from 65-80°F (18-27°C) and high humidity levels. Regular misting or placing the plant on a tray filled with water and pebbles can help increase humidity.

Proper watering is essential for Calathea White Fusion. It prefers consistently moist but not waterlogged soil. It is best to water when the top inch of the soil feels slightly dry. Using filtered or distilled water is recommended to avoid mineral buildup, which can affect the plant's health.

Light: Medium, Indirect Light
Humidity: Medium
Water: Allow to slightly dry out. Do not overwater. Enjoys being Moist
Soil: moist soil


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